Friday, March 29, 2024

Microsoft Copilot Dashboard

Microsoft Copilot Dashboard is now Generally Available (GA).  This dashboard is powered by Viva Insights and will help organizations have insights into how Microsoft Copilot is being leveraged, adopted and utilized by their users.  Here is a quick break down:

  • Readiness: tells you where you have Copilot activated, and will see how many people have access to Copilot capabilities.
  • Adoption: tells you which apps people are leveraging Copilot.
  • Impact: tells you how many assisted hours Copilot provides to users.  You will have visibility to the assist actions, and see performance differences between users who leverage Copilot and those who do not.  Additionally, feedback information provided by users about Copilot is available by the experience you are reviewing.

Any organization serious about driving adoption of Copilot can leverage this information to understand how they train the users and evangelize Copilot capabilities.

Microsoft Intune Copilot Public Preview

I found this article about how Microsoft Copilot will be integrated with Microsoft Intune will be going into Preview 4/1/2024.  There are definitely some interesting user experiences where AI will:

  • Assist the Intune administrator troubleshooting issues.
  • Summarize information about configurations and settings so that the administrator does not have to click through tons of screens to understand the current configurations.
  • Make recommendations based on best practices to resolve issues that are being investigated.
  • Etc. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

UAL Logging Updates for Office 365

 New logging capabilities are coming for Office 365 customers.  Much of this was driven by our engagement with the US Government to help them obtaining more logs and telemetry data.  Specifically, 

  • Unified Audit Log (UAL) Ingestion Size has been expanded to increase the amount of data flowing to SIEMs.
  • Retention has been increased to 180 days.

There is additional important information in the announcement that you should be considering.

Reference -

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Saturday, December 16, 2023

New Microsoft Teams Client Supports VDI

 Pretty important announcement.  The new Microsoft Teams client app now supports VDI.

OneDrive for Business Vision

Back in October, the OneDrive team made an announcement around the next generation of OneDrive for Business -

There are a lot of new interesting capabilities and vision that are part of this announcement.  Here are a few of my takeaways:

  • The OneDrive home has been optimized to help you quickly and easily identify or find files that you need to work with.
  • There are several new views like meetings, people, etc. where files and content are presented to you based on how you work.
  • The OneDrive home screen on the web has been brought to Teams and Outlook providing you a consistent way to find your files.
  • There is a vision statement on the capabilities that will become available with Copilot.  Instead of you trying to click around and dig in views, you will ask Copilot questions and it will find and organize information, documents and content for you.
  • Copilot will then assist in sharing documents with coworkers when reading and it will keep you up to date on changes documents that you interact with in a conversational engagement.

Pretty cool.  Keep watching that Copilot innovation.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

New Copilot Features for Teams and Outlook

No…I did not us copilot to write this blog…

There are a ton of new announcements from Ignite.

I found this article on new Copilot in Outlook very interesting:

A lot of creative new features that I will need to give a try:

  • Ask copilot to schedule a meeting
  • Get ready for your next meeting
  • Summarize long email threads and get suggested actions
  • Follow a meeting you cannot attend
  • Preserve declined meetings
  • Draft messages that sound like you
  • Summarize an email you are authoring
  • Coach on improving tone and clarity of a message you are authoring

I will definitely need some time to start playing around with these features….

Additionally a ton of Microsoft Teams Copilot features are discussed here:

  • Copilot compose for Teams Chat and Channels…. Copilot will literally change your quick chat into fuller more complete communications
  • Copilot in Teams Channel will help summarize key information in long chats to help you catch-up
  • Copilot Teams Calls can take notes as you are doing direct calls with team members, capture notes and capture all your tasks.  Can even capture questions and activities that need to be competed.
  • Intelligent recap helps you get information from meetings that you were not able to attend.
  • Copilot collaborate notes will take real-time notes, shared with all participants.

Frankly there is so much here, I am going to have to sit down and really start trying to learn how to use all these tools in my day-to-day work.