Friday, May 22, 2015

New OneDrive for Business and OWA Integration

There was an announcement a few days ago that I very happy to see because I have had customers ask for this a lot.

The new feature being added is that from OWA, you now have the ability to save attachments to OneDrive for Business. Yes, I am excited to see this.

This new feature really is starting to unify the full browser experience for customers. A few months ago, Office Online was integrated with OWA so that users can immediately edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint attachments and then send those edits right back to people.

With the new Save to OneDrive for attachments, users can just save their attachments they want to work on right to OneDrive for Business through the browser.


Why is this great to hear?

  • If you are a heavy Sync user, the attachment(s) saved to OneDrive will be pushed to all your devices.
  • There could be scenarios where you are accessing Office 365 and all you have is a browser. If you want move that file out of OWA and start working with it in OneDrive for Business, you can do that.
  • There are scenarios where customers because of their policies turn off the ability to download attachments out of OWA. Having this new capability allows users to be able to continue to work with attachments without having to download a file to an unmanaged device.

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