Sunday, November 20, 2016

New OneDrive for Businss Admin and Compliance Management Capabilities

Back at the Ignite conference, you may have heard or read up on all the new capabilities being released for OneDrive -

There are tons of new user experiences, updated / improved sync capabilities, better mobile capabilities, etc.

However, what I get very excited about is the enterprise and compliance features that are being added into OneDrive.  There are a few features that were buried down in the announcement that enterprise customers should pay attention to.
  • New OneDrive Admin Center – There is a new admin area being created just for OneDrive for Business.  It has been within SharePoint Online.
  • New User Level Controls – This new capability provides the ability to set things like storage quota and external sharing capabilities down to the specific user versus the entire organization.  External sharing can be set-up to be to whitelist of trusted business partner domains.
  • New User Support Features – There are new features that will assist the admin in supporting their end users to find files that they have misplaced or shared with the wrong people.
  • Remove User Access – There is new capability that will allow you to quickly sign a user out of the service quickly when the lost a device or you need to remove them from the service.
  • Retention After the User Leaves – Additionally when a user leaves or is terminated, there is new capability to assist you with moving or copying data to other locations.  There is additionally capability that will allow you to preserve files in a deleted user’s OneDrive for Business up to 10 years.  This is fairly consistent with the Inactive Mailbox feature of Exchange Online.

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