Monday, March 28, 2011

Document Sets and Records Center

Document Set Sent to Records Center Issue

It has been very easy for me to connect a Document Library to a Records Center by going to the Document Library settings. In SharePoint 2007 there was a limitation that you could only set up one of these. Now in SharePoint 2010 you can set up multiple through Central Admin >> General Application Settings >> Configure Sent to Connections.

With a Document Set when I select the Action Menu for the item the new and convenient Send To sub menu does not appear like it does for regular documents. The only option I have is to “Sent to Other Locations” which is configured through Central Admin.


Seems the only want to configure Send To configurations for a Document Library is through Central Administration. No big deal in grand scheme.

Document Set Drop Off Library at Records Center Issue

I recently ran into something weird when messing around with Document Sets and Records Center. I wanted to route a Document Set to a Records Center but when the Document Set arrived, it was a zip file in the Drop Off Library.

I had expected a Document Set to be there. Then I download the zip file, opened it up and all the files within the Document Set were there. I had followed all the right steps to create a connection between my document library and the records center so I was confused. Plus the zip file was not being picked up by the rules that I had set up in the Content Organizer in the Records Center.


The resolution was pretty simple, I had to go into Center Admin >> Monitoring >> Review Job Definitions >> Content Organizer Processing job.

When I run the job immediately the zip file will be picked up, turned into back into a Document Set and then routed correctly based on the Content Organizer.

I also modified the interval to run more often.

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