Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Four Years Old

It is amazing to see that I have been able to keep this blog going for the past 4 years. Through change jobs two times, continue being a top performer at work, having a second child, writing a book, etc. I have kept it going. I have to say thank you to all the readers, your feedback keeps me wanting to write.
Birthday Gift
As a reward, Google Blogger has given me a new interface as this month to write blogs. I had been using Windows Live Writer for the past year to format the blog better. However Google Blogger would continue to foul up the HTML and jack up the presentation for which I have dumped hours into fixing however still can never make perfect. The tool seems better now. I have not moved off Google because it is just too much work given that this is something I do in my personal time.
I started using Google Stats in May 2009. Here is how I have been doing, pretty happy.
Most popular posts since May 2009 are the following. The Silverlight series I wrote is mind boggling. I had no clue that would become what it did. It is funny because I got put on a contracting engagement for about 9 months doing all Silverlight project with no SharePoint work. Now I am back to really only focusing on SharePoint since I am working at Microsoft now. I am happy to see how popular my SharePoint 2010 architecture series has been as well.
What’s Next?
Expect to see a lot over the next few months on architecture, enterprise patterns and such for Office365 with a focus on SharePoint Online. There are a lot of smart people who are out there who know SharePoint well, but are missing the bigger picture and the strategic thinking of how to align SharePoint Online to create more architecturally sound solutions that save money for organization. A lot more to come there.

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