Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pilot Office 365 References

Are you looking into doing a quick pilot on Office 365? If so, here are some links, documents and references that I have organized will help you get started. Note this is geared for the Office 365 Multitenant offering; not Office 365 Dedicated.
Trial Guide - Office 365 from Microsoft Online Services
This is a really good guide that covers the services and capabilities. Then it provides you detailed step-by-step instructions to get Office 365 initially configured. Download -
Now once you have done this – there are probably things that you may want to dive deeper on. Here is some good information that will help you. I will try to update this with new stuff as a find it.
Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Guide for Enterprises
This is the Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Guide for the Multi-tenant Environment. This is an optional reference document that provides detailed information on how to do the real production deployment. Reviewing this will give you context before you make the decision to go to production. Download -
Identity and Authentication
For a trial or pilot, the best approach is to use Cloud IDs as discussed in the Trial Guide. However one of the more advanced capabilities you may want to pilot Single Sign On with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). Here are some references:
Exchange Online
The following is some good information for testing out Exchange Online:
  • User Email Help - - Covers ton of stuff such as Email, Calendar / Reminders, Contacts and Groups, Voice Mail, Email Set Up, Mobile Phones, and Options and Videos.
  • Email Administration - - This covers tons of things such as configuration, user management, roles, permissions, security (SPAM, etc.), compliance (archive, retention, holds, audit, journals, rights management, etc.), unified messaging configuration, Exchange ActiveSync, PowerShell, mailbox migration, hybrid mail and some help videos.
  • Exchange Online Administration - - Here is another site that will help you with finding administration information for Exchange Online.
SharePoint Online
The following is some good information for testing out SharePoint Online:
Lync Online
The following is some good information for testing out Lync Online:
Office Professional Plus for Office 365
  • Virtual labs - - Some labs on various topics.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Multi-tenant Service Descriptions - - There are numerous Office 365 Multi-tenant Service Descriptions available covering such topics as: Exchange Online Archiving, Exchange Online Enterprise Services, Lync Online Enterprise Services, SharePoint Online Services, Identity Services, etc. These documents can be used as supplementary information resources while doing a pilot.

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