Monday, July 1, 2013

Delegating a Mailbox through Browser

It comes up a lot but people want to be able to do delegation through the browser and want to access the delegated mailbox through OWA. This is possible with the new Exchange Online.

With the new Exchange Online there are options available:

  • First an Exchange Online administrator can delegate a mailbox by using the Add-MailboxFolderPermission ( PowerShell command. That has been around for some time.
  • Second now this command is available through the Exchange Admin Center (EAC); the Exchange Online Administrators can do the delegation through the browser. Once delegation has been set up, end users can go into a delegate mailbox using OWA. They have the ability to manage email, calendar, contacts and tasks.

Here is some more information about it from the Service Description -

Here are the steps.

First, go to the mailbox that needs to be delegated.


Next set up the Send As. This is needed so the user can actually send items on this person behalf. If this is not done they will get a warning that says they do not have permissions to send an email, meeting request, etc.


Then add the mailbox delegation. This will ensure that the user can access the other mailbox.


That’s it.

Then from OWA, the user can select the “Open Another Mailbox…” option. They then put in the name of the person’s mailbox that was delegated to them.


A new browser window opens. They then have access to the delegated mailbox. It works great. They can manage emails, calendar items, contacts, tasks, etc. all through OWA.


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