Friday, August 30, 2013

Lync Online PowerShell

Lync Online PowerShell

There have been some recent updates to Lync Online PowerShell.

This is just really exciting and really provides administrators more granular control of policies that the organization must adhere to manage information that is being exchanged.

Utilizing PowerShell for management operations does help with doing granular changes to Lync Online across a broad set of users in an automated fashion. You have the ability to:

  • Get information about your Lync Online tenant(s).
  • Get information about your users
  • Manage your audio conference provider
  • Create policies to manage clients. This allow you to do such things as block file transferring, block federated contacts, block calendar information, disable emoticons, disable HTML, disable video - Just a ton of stuff.
  • Create policies to manage conferencing / web meetings. Tons of interesting policies such as controlling ability to record, controlling audio / video, meeting size, etc. -
  • External access and communications policies
  • Voice policies
  • Manage policies for filters and presence
  • Manage privacy policies. End users can set them on the Lync client, but you want to control those policies, centrally you can with Set-CsPrivacyConfiguration.
  • Cmdlets to allow you to managed Unified Messaging with Exchange.
  • Cmdlets to manage meeting rooms. Meeting rooms are self-contained computer appliances that are installed in conference rooms and supply advanced meeting capabilities.
  • Cmlets to manage cell and mobile devices connected to Lync Online.


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