Saturday, March 29, 2014

Office for iPad and Office Mobile

There was a major announcement for Office 365 this week that I think almost everyone heard about this week. iPad for Office is now available. For business Office 365 business customers (and consumers) this was long awaited and a proof to world that Microsoft is making a commitment to be a devices and services company. Here are the big facts that everyone should know:

  • Office for iPad supports Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Office for iPad for free allows you to read, view and present.
  • Office for iPad subscription service with Office 365 allows you to create and edit.
  • Office Mobile for iPhone and Android phones is now free, just like on a Windows Phone. No Office 365 subscription is needed.
  • Office for iPad when creating and editing will ensure that content and formatting will be maintained. This is really important for business scenarios to ensure the integrity of documents as a record.
  • Remember all this gets hooked into OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. This means your documents follow you everywhere. I will have to say that OneDrive for Business has literally changed the way I work. When I work with files on my laptop on in OneDrive or any SharePoint Online document library, I have access to all my recently edited Office files on my phone. So when I am on the run, I always have access to what I have been working on. Plus all my OneDrive for Business files accessible from Office Mobile / Office for iPad. Office is not longer just on my PC, it is everywhere I am working across devices. All the Office files (and other file types) are managed in the corporation and are discoverable.

I am telling you. Office Mobile / Office for iPad / OneDrive for Business is literally a game-changer in how your business people work across devices.

Then when you start looking at all the Lync Apps available on Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and Android you can really see how productive people can really become.

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