Wednesday, February 6, 2008

BlackPearl SP1 Updates

In the past week there have been some important releases that were put out by K2 after Service Pack 1 was released. K2 sent them out to the Insiders team and stated the following:

WARNING: These updates have not gone through full regression testing. Specifically, these updates have had targeted testing which does not include testing in combination with other updates. You are encouraged to only install the specific updates needed to address the problem you have.

Please carefully review the details in the associated KB for each update you install to verify that this is the update you need and that there are no known compatibility or installation issues.

The following are:

Now that said, over the weekend I ran into an issue with InfoPath form integration that will required you get KB000215. It has to do with adding custom data connections to your web enabled InfoPath forms. I did figure out that K2 InfoPath Integration wizard was having problems reading the data connection that was created by InfoPath. I was able to change around the manifest.xml of the InfoPath form and fixed it but this should resolve the problem.

I applied K2000215 and it resolved the issue. I had not encountered it yet because my last project was using InfoPath client forms as they only had WSS 3.0 and did not want to purchase Forms Server by itself (MS still makes you purchase CALS for Forms Server stand alone even though you own InfoPath client of ever desktop).

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