Sunday, June 20, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Architecture and Design Models

I am doing some research on SharePoint 2010 Capacity Planning and I stumbled across the new and updated Technical Diagrams for SharePoint 2010. If you can get a fundamental understanding of these diagrams, you will have all the knowledge you need to correctly architect a SharePoint 2010 farm. The information in here will help you gather better requirements, create better design, create good logical and physical topologies, and help you create governance.

Here are all the documents -

SharePoint 2010 Products Deployment (

This is a good diagram that gives a high-level picture of all the environments you need to be considering (development, test, production, etc.). It provides example topologies for each and workflow for installation and configuration for each.

Services in SharePoint 2010 Products (

I used the beta version of this diagram when initially creating this series. This diagram breaks out the service architecture of SharePoint 2010. Understanding this is extremely important for building your logical topology.

Cross-farm Services in SharePoint 2010 Products (

When getting to understand SharePoint 2010 this is another very important diagram to understand. It shows the new cross farm service architecture for SharePoint 2010. All enterprise deployments of SharePoint 2010 should be considering how to utilize cross farm services.

Topologies for SharePoint Server 2010 (

This diagram will give you information on how to create your physical topology. Your logical architecture, capacity planning and service availability requirements and design will drive this.

SharePoint 2010 Products: Virtualization Process (

Great model that discusses the best practices for virtualization for all the different types of SharePoint environments you will create.

Extranet Topologies for SharePoint 2010 Products (

I reviewed this diagram and it basically the same stuff I used for all my clients when building them an extranet environment. This has been updated for SharePoint 2010.

Hosting Environments in SharePoint 2010 Products (

I used this diagram in some of my earlier postings. This diagram is a great bridge between both the logical and physical topologies that you need. It also introduces service partitioning and has a continued discussion on cross farm services.

Databases That Support SharePoint 2010 Products (

This is a really good model that goes over all of the databases used for SharePoint 2010.

Business Connectivity Services Model (

This a pretty deep model that shows much of the design decisions needed to use BCS to expose enterprise data within SharePoint 2010. It discusses the BCS architecture, its security model, and how to design your data model.

Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2010 (

High level diagram that discusses some options and basic architecture of how you would incorporate BI features into SharePoint 2010.

Content Deployment in SharePoint Server 2010 (

In SharePoint 2007 the out of the box features did not work so well but it has matured a lot for SharePoint 2010. This model discusses how content deployment works, the available workflows and how data will be moved across environments.

Search Models

These models are still showing in beta mode.

  • Search Technologies for SharePoint 2010 Products ( -This is a great diagram that compares and contrasts the various search options you have for SharePoint and provides you some decision criteria that will help you pick the right one.
  • Search Environment Planning for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 ( - This is a planning diagram that will help you with gathering requirements and making design decisions for your enterprise search solution within SharePoint 2010.
  • Search Architectures for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 ( - Architecture document that goes into the details for creating both physical and logical architectures for SharePoint search.
  • Design Search Architectures for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 ( - Provides a design walkthrough for building your search solution.


@jtredbase said...

Jason, the physical and logical topology series of posts are an excellent breakdown of the sp2010 architecture presented in an easily understandable format.

There is some great information here thanks. Hope to see more.

Good luck with your new role too.


Jason Apergis said...

Thanks for the Feedback. I am working on one right now for FAST for SharePoint.