Tuesday, September 3, 2013

7 Year Blog Birthday

I figured I take a second to reflect on my 7 years on running this blog. First I cannot believe it has been 7 years. Keeping this blog going has been extremely important to me professionally. It allows me to refine my thoughts and communicate to others the solutions I am work through. I work very hard to ensure that I post at least one new item a month. Sometimes I crank out a lot of stuff and in only one instance did I miss a month (still annoys me).

This blog got its start when on a long Labor Day weekend when I has some time available and wrote my first blog (http://www.astaticstate.com/2007/09/automation-testing-or-simulation-with.html). No kids jumping on me either <g>.

My series that I wrote on Silverlight MVVM Patterns (http://www.astaticstate.com/2010/04/silverlight-4-using-mvvm-patter-ria.html) is still the most populate series I have written. My series on SharePoint 2010 Architecture is in second (http://www.astaticstate.com/2010/01/sharepoint-2010-service-architecture.html) and third my series on SharePoint Branding (http://www.astaticstate.com/2011/05/branding-master-page.html). Along the way I have written a lot about SharePoint App Dev, Enterprise Search, etc.

Most of my days for the past two years have been totally focused on Office 365. Given the role I am now, I do not do application development anymore. I am really excited to be working with Office 365 and you may have seen my work expand to Exchange Online, Lync Online and Office.

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