Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Audio Conferencing via Direct Routing for Office 365 GCCH and DoD

We had several customers waiting for Audio Conferencing with direct routing to be released in Office 365 GCCH and DoD.  I was recently announced in our roadmap.

“Audio Conferencing via Direct Routing for GCC High and GCC DoD enables participants to join your organization’s meetings using a standard phone number. Participants choose to use a phone to join meetings for scenarios where Internet connectivity is limited, are in transit, or don't have access to a Teams application. Participants can join the meeting either by using the dial-in access numbers of your organization or by having the meeting dial out to a phone number. Configuring this feature requires your organization to use its own numbers for dial-in access and all meeting dial-outs to phones are via Direct Routing. To enable the service, organizations need to set up Direct Routing and configure phone numbers that can be used for dial-in access. GCC High and DoD customers should note that the requirement to use direct routing is different from the Audio Conferencing service that is offered to commercial organizations where the dial-in access numbers are provided by Microsoft. Please be sure to review the correct documentation for this offering. We expect the documentation to be available at the same time as General Availability for the feature.”