Monday, November 21, 2022

Microsoft Teams Premium Announcement Notes

There was an important announcement at the recent Ignite conference in October 2022 for Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is introducing a new SKU called Microsoft Teams Premium which will include a wide array of new capabilities.  Here is a listing of features that caught my attention:

  • Meeting Guides: pre-configured meetings set by IT based on the type of meeting you want to have (internal, external, etc.)
  • Customer meeting branding: great for external attendees meeting join experience
  • Intelligent Recap: creates smarter recordings and after meeting actions
  • Live translation for captions
  • Advanced meeting protection: water marking, limit who can record a meeting, additional integration with E5 features like meeting labels
  • Advanced Meeting Appointments: text reminders, custom branded virtual appointments, streamline appointment management, additional analytics, etc.
  • Advanced Webinars: streamlined registration workflows, registration waitlists, automated email reminders, virtual green room, manage what attendees can see, etc.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

User Data Migration Across Tenants

Cross tenant data migration is capability that comes up a lot.  Customer tenants have to be merged or divested commonly through business acquisitions.  Tenant to tenant migration capabilities are now in full GA in our commercial cloud.  This enables organizations to move a user’s mailbox and OneDrive data.  

Note that this is for user data, not organizational data.  For instance SharePoint Online sites and Microsoft Teams data is not in scope at this time.  

Additionally, these features will be introduced to the GCC, GCCH and DoD clouds soon, and they are currently available in Preview.  

Finally, the capabilities only work within a cloud and are not intended to be supported across clouds.