Saturday, November 18, 2023

New Copilot Features for Teams and Outlook

No…I did not us copilot to write this blog…

There are a ton of new announcements from Ignite.

I found this article on new Copilot in Outlook very interesting:

A lot of creative new features that I will need to give a try:

  • Ask copilot to schedule a meeting
  • Get ready for your next meeting
  • Summarize long email threads and get suggested actions
  • Follow a meeting you cannot attend
  • Preserve declined meetings
  • Draft messages that sound like you
  • Summarize an email you are authoring
  • Coach on improving tone and clarity of a message you are authoring

I will definitely need some time to start playing around with these features….

Additionally a ton of Microsoft Teams Copilot features are discussed here:

  • Copilot compose for Teams Chat and Channels…. Copilot will literally change your quick chat into fuller more complete communications
  • Copilot in Teams Channel will help summarize key information in long chats to help you catch-up
  • Copilot Teams Calls can take notes as you are doing direct calls with team members, capture notes and capture all your tasks.  Can even capture questions and activities that need to be competed.
  • Intelligent recap helps you get information from meetings that you were not able to attend.
  • Copilot collaborate notes will take real-time notes, shared with all participants.

Frankly there is so much here, I am going to have to sit down and really start trying to learn how to use all these tools in my day-to-day work.