Saturday, April 27, 2024

Microsoft 365 Multi-tenant organizations (MTO)

Probably one of the more anticipated feature releases I have been talking about has gone GA.  Multi-tenant organizations (MTO is allows tenants to have richer user and management collaboration experiences across tenants.  It is commonplace that organizations require multiple tenants, for instance merger, acquisition, divestitures, regulatory, etc.  In these cases, organizations are seeking to allow their users to have streamlined user experiences across these tenants plus organizations need streamlined management experiences too.

Some features that you will have access to are:

  • Cross tenant people search
  • Streamlined workforce collaboration (default access to content, bypass meeting lobby, etc.)
  • Cross tenant communications
  • Manage incidents and tickets centrally
  • Centrally manage tenant configurations

Microsoft 365 GCCH FedRAMP and DFAR Compliance

Good updated articles on Microsoft 365 GCCH and how to meet DFAR requirements.