Saturday, April 26, 2008

BlackPearl 803 Build Released

Exciting news – the 803 build for BlackPearl has been released with some several things that were needed. Here is the notification that was sent out. Some of the good stuff is 64-Bit Support, License Management is now working in the K2 Workspace (used to have to re-run the configuration wizard), tons of performance enhancements (saw the stats at the conference) and a bunch of documentation has been rolled in.

K2 blackpearl™, the centerpiece of the new K2 platform, has the K2 [blackpearl] 0803 (4.8075.1.0) release now available.

The 0803 release provides support for 64-bit hardware platforms, support for Worldwide English (non-English Windows, SQL Server, SharePoint, Office and Visual Studio), improved license management, performance enhancements and post-SP1 patches and bug fixes.

64-bit support allows K2 blackpearl components to be installed on 64-bit hardware platforms. Support for the 64-bit platform includes the following components.
> 64-bit SQL Server 2005
> 64-bit SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services
> 64-bit SharePoint 2007 (WSS/MOSS/Forms Server)
> 64-bit K2 blackpearl Server
> 64-bit K2 Workspace

Worldwide English support allows K2 blackpearl to run in English on non-English platforms. Support for non-English platforms includes the following components.
> Windows 2003 Server (Standard or better)
> SQL Server 2005
> SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services
> SharePoint 2007 (WSS/MOSS/Forms Server)
> Visual Studio 2005 (Professional or better)
> Visio 2007

The K2 license management feature adds the following capabilities.
> Add / Delete license
> Edit existing licenses
> Manage Logged in Users
> Manage License over usage

The K2 Installation Manager and K2 Configuration Manager tools have been greatly enhanced to allow for greater flexibility and robustness when installing K2 blackpearl in distributed environments, including the following.
> Improved support for network load balanced web front ends in SharePoint farms
> Improved support for network load balanced K2 Workspace scenarios

Numerous performance enhancements have been implemented. Some of the highlights are as follows.
> Workflow Server Performance
> Improved processes execution
> Worklist & Worklist Item performance
> Improved memory usage when starting processes and finishing work list items
> Improved batch execution of K2 processes
> SmartObject Performance
> SmartObject Server data handling enhancements
> Client Data Marshalling enhancement
> SmartObject Synchronization - see
KB000250 - SmartObject GUID Synchronization

The following issues have been fixed relating to the IPC Event.
> Process Synchronization using Batch Actioning, IPC Sync Events, and Worklist Navigation
> Worklist Issues with Multiple Destinations, IPC Events and Dynamic Roles
> Not all processes in a solution are displayed when browsing for child processes in an IPC Event
> When an activity contains an IPC event where the destination user is mapped to the child process and
is used in a client event, both users are able to view the other user's work items.

Several additions and enhancements have been made to the K2 blackpearl Documentation. The key areas of improvement are as follows.

> Combined all documents to be linked from CHM file for easier discovery
> Added a "Send Feedback" link to all topics
> Added/Improved content for Troubleshooting, License Management, K2 Wizards, SmartObject
(Delete), 2003 Interoperability and InfoPath Templates

The K2 [blackpearl] Getting Started Guide has been completely rewritten to provide clear concise information for planning and installation including the following.
> A Getting Started Checklist spreadsheet is embedded in the guide to help you plan, document and
verify your K2 environment
> Software prerequisites list is provided by component and by role
> A new "Before you begin" section has been added that details steps for configuring DNS, Service
Accounts, Permissions, NLB, SPNs, MSMQ and DTC
> Detailed information for installing in a distributed environment has been greatly enhanced
> New topics have been added to the Troubleshooting the Installation section

The K2 [blackpearl] Developer Reference was introduced mid Q1 and has been updated with the following new content for 0803.

> Database Overview & Schemas

Architecture topics
> Architectural Overview of K2 [blackpearl]
> Architecture of Authoring, Management and Runtime aspects of the K2 platform
> Architecture of the Workflow Server
> Architecture of the SmartObject Server
> Architecture of the Event Bus
> Architecture of the Environment Library
> Architecture of the Workspace Management Console

New "How To" topics
> How to access and return information from the Global Worklist
> How to upload a file to a SmartObject
> How to add a 3rd-party event recorder to the K2 [blackpearl] Server
> How to create a custom MSBuild task to set rights on a process
> How to Generate a Report in PDF format

The K2 [blackpearl] Compatibility Matrix has been added to the customer portal at


John Lowe said...

This doesn't have anything to do with Blackpearl, although I am getting into it now and that is how I found your blog, but are you related to Justin Apergis? He is a very good bass player I went to high school with in Northern Virginia. Anyway, that would be fun if you were related. Have a nice day!

Jason Apergis said...

Yes - Justin is my little brother! He lives in LA now and is a studio bass player. He also is part time teacher at He lives the life by his own code...wish we could all do that :-)