Sunday, December 14, 2008

InfoPath Form Cannot be Found


After you have deployed your workflow you will want to associate it to list. In my case I had an association form and I was getting an error stating "The form has been closed".
Not that valuable. Once you dig around deeper in the SharePoint logs you will find the following.

Exception occurred during request processing. (User: SHAREPOINT\administrator, Form Name: , IP: , Request: http://mossserver:28921/_layouts/CstWrkflIP.aspx?List={8ADE4F1B-8A6A-4BA7-A3BF-B4278E949E4A}, Form ID: , Type: InfoPathLocalizedException, Exception Message: The specified form cannot be found.)


Upon reading the error message you can pretty much tell the error has to do with locating the association form. This error can actually occur for any of your forms for the workflow.


Well I was pretty annoyed that I got this error because I have been so careful in the past to ensure that I have the feature.xml and workflow.xml files set up properly. Things you should look for:

  • Make sure in your featue.xml you have the forms correctly referenced in the ElementFile tag.
  • Make sure you have the URNs set up correctly in the workflow.xml file (Association_FormURN, Instantiation_FormURN, Task0_FormURN, etc).
  • Make sure you have the .xsn files in the feature that is deployed.

My error was I had messed up my URNs because when I published the InfoPath form to the local network I changed the name form. Changing the name of the form, changes the URN – go figure; that was annoying. To get the URN by opening the form in InfoPath Design mode, click File, then properties. In my case, since I changed the name of the form, I had to go to the local network published .xsn file and get the urn from there.

I cannot say for certain that you will get this error for the first and third things you should look into that I noted above, however, just check.

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