Friday, January 23, 2009

SharePoint PerformancePoint Services

Some big news went out today around Microsoft's PerformancePoint Server which is part of their BI solution set. In their road map (read here), Microsoft is saying that they plan to finish PerformancePoint Server 2007 "Service Pack 3" in mid 2009 and then Microsoft will stop building it as a separate server as they are rolling it into the SharePoint platform!

Basically they will be creating the PerformancePoint service which will complement Excel Services, BDC and other BI related services in SharePoint.

I think this again demonstrates how Microsoft is really standing behind MOSS and making significant investments into it. We have seen them use MOSS to make Office products available over MOSS like Excel and InfoPath Services. Is the next thing Access Services? Maybe even rolling SQL Reporting Services over – that actually makes a bunch of sense? Seeing announcements like this just continue to support my stance that SharePoint is the delivery platform for .NET applications for the next few years; I am not saying that custom will disappear either. However with all the stuff you get with SharePoint, I have a really tough time anymore building stuff web applications from scratch….

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