Friday, May 1, 2009

SharePoint 2007 SP2 Released

SharePoint 2007 SP2 has been officially release. It "includes all the fixes prior to SP2, and also several enhancements to improve server farm performance, availability and stability. Plus, a new stsadm operation has been added to help customers prepare for the upgrade to the next version of SharePoint."

You should start planning on how to deploy this into your QA, Staging and Production environments…

The things I was happy to see for MOSS where (KB953334) improvements with Microsoft Office Forms Server (InfoPath) given I use it a lot with K2 blackpearl:

  • Improves performance of large browser forms on InfoPath Form Services, both for memory usage and for page load time.
  • Improves reliability of Forms Server and of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server by addressing the previous behavior in which an upgrade of an administrator-approved form template triggers an IIS reset.
  • Improves the Digital Signature functionality for InfoPath Forms Services.

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