Monday, October 5, 2009

IIS 7 Kerberos Configuration

I have seen several questions come up on projects in the past three weeks where teams are trying to configure Kerberos with IIS 7. With IIS 6 we were used to just setting up the SPNs. Now with IIS 7 we have to configure the <windowsAuthententication> node in the applicationHost.config file. If not, it will seem as if Kerberos is just flat out not working.

I have sent this blog to a couple of co-workers ( and this got them up and running immediately.

If you want a little background Kerberos configuration in general – read this blog I wrote - Most of the content is slighted towards K2 configuration with Kerberos however it will help you if you never done it before.

This blog ( is probably the most well known blog on Kerberos for MOSS. This guy basically shows you all of the Kerberos commands that you need to run for all the SharePoint service accounts that you may create for your SharePoint farm.

As well, Kerberos configuration comes up a lot with the configuration of SSRS and MOSS. Here is a good article that explains it (

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