Tuesday, July 6, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Free Development Hands On Labs


Now that you have a development environment you may need to spin up on SharePoint 2010 development. I personally learn best by doing hands on labs and tweaking them and extending them; this is the best way to really learn.

Whether you are experienced or not with SharePoint development here is the best way to learn. I liked this because as an experience SharePoint developer, these hands on labs I found really showed me many of the new features I had been hearing about.

If you need a local SharePoint 2010 development environment, please my detailed blog on how to build one.

Part 1 - SharePoint 2010: Professional Developer Evaluation Guide and Walkthroughs

First I would read this entire document if you want to learn about the new development features of SharePoint 2010.

This has a couple awesome labs to get started on:

  • Lab 1 - shows how to deploy a web part using the new SharePoint 2010 project template and using the new LINQ to SharePoint API.
  • Lab 2 – Deploying WSP solutions in a sandbox.
  • Lab 3 – Show some advanced stuff on how to create custom workflow activity events in SharePoint Designer 2010 and then pull it into a Visual Studio 2010 project. Awesome example of creating a workflow outside the context of a list item which has been a huge limitation for SharePoint 2007.
  • Lab 4 – Shows the new Javascript API for SharePoint.
  • Lab 5 – Shows the new BCS feature and how to build up an external content type in Visual Studio 2010.
  • Lab 6 – Shows you how create a Silverlight project and reference that Silverlight application in a web part.

Part 2 – SharePoint Getting Started Hands On Labs

There are videos and you have the ability to do the labs virtually online.

You can also just download all of the hands on labs and build them on your in your development environment.

  • Lab 1 - Build a simple web part.
  • Lab 2 - Intro into all of the new development features.
  • Lab 3 – Third part of building up web parts.
  • Lab 4 – Server side APIs
  • Lab 5 – SharePoint 2010 client side APIs – a must.
  • Lab 6 – BCS integration.
  • Lab 7 – SharePoint 2010 workflows.
  • Lab 8 – Silverlight integration.
  • Lab 9 – Sandboxed solutions.
  • Lab 10 – Working with the new dialog and ribbon controls for SharePoint 2010.


If you can complete this – I think you will be well on your way to support any SharePoint 2010 development task thrown at you.

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