Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Controlling File Types in Office 365

I was recently asked, how do you control file types end users can work with in Office 365? I pulled this together which captures how file types are restricted in various solutions in Office 365.
SharePoint Online
For SharePoint Online, this is pretty simple – here is the list of supported file types that can be stored in SharePoint Online -
This list is not customizable. Note that SharePoint Online does have virus protection built in to check files when they are uploaded.
Lync Online
For Lync Online, if you allow users to transfer files, the following file types are supported -
This list is not customizable. The Intelligent Instant Message Filter (IIMF) solution built into Lync Online checks for viruses.
Exchange Online
For Exchange Online, this discussion is a little bit more to think about.
Then there are the user interfaces that connect to Exchange Online.
With all of this, an organization can create rules on how they want to support the emailing of files in Exchange Online.

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