Friday, August 2, 2013

New Office for Android Phones

Many people know that in July there was a huge announcement about Office being released for iPhone (

Well there is another big announcement, Office is now available for Android phones with an Office 365 subscription!!!

This is very exciting as now Office is available across major mobile providers Android, iPhone and Windows. This gives organizers real flexibility in allowing their end users to be productive. In this release users on Android devices access, view and then edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint on their phones.

Here is a landing screenshot that allows the user to decide where to access documents from. Once there you can quickly edit files while running between meetings, on the road, or when something just hits you and you just want to work right now!


There is a rich editing experience for Word files.


Rich capability to edit spreadsheets on the go.


With PowerPoint you can view and edit your slides. You can even have an impromptu meeting with a customer and not risk losing the deal. You can show them the information right then and there.


One other good fact is that his is only available for Android 4 or higher phones. If you have an Android tablet, the user can use Office Web Apps through the browser which provides a rich user experience.

There are some additionally good facts here -

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