Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SkyDrive Pro “Shared with Me” View

Sometimes, it is the little things that count. Well there is a new feature being added to SkyDrive Pro in SharePoint Online called “Shared with Me”. It is awesome!

This provides an end user with a single place to go to review and edit documents / folders that have directly shared with them. Now you no longer have to bookmark or dig through old emails trying to find a link to a specific document that was shared with you.

Additionally adding this feature really helps people share files with each other using SkyDrive Pro. I am heavy user of SkyDrive Pro. I commonly create presentations for customers or write-ups that I only want to share with specific individuals. I always put them in SkyDrive Pro and then just share it with those specific people. Now all they need to do is just go to the “Shared with Me” view in SkyDrive Pro to find the documents I gave them permissions too.


And remember, sharing documents with SkyDrive Pro and with SharePoint 2013 sites is general is really simple! No more digging through complex permissions screens. It is so easy for end users.


Note the new “Shared with Me” feature does not show you documents / folders that been shared with you because you are associated to a group. It only retrieves items that are directly shared with you. This makes a lot of sense because you could have permissions to a Document Center that may have thousands of documents. You do not want to see all those documents clutter up this list. Remember you can always click the Follow button to follow large repositories or sites that you are most interested in.

Resource - http://blogs.office.com/b/office365tech/archive/2013/08/27/skydrive-pro-increases-storage-and-ease-of-sharing.aspx

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