Friday, October 11, 2013

Exchange Deployment Assistant

If you have not heard, the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant has received a big uplift and streamlining.

I would say this is a necessary tool any organization should utilize as they begin planning for Exchange Online. The tool brings together topics from the Office 365 Service Descriptions, Deployment Guide and TechNet providing a single place to begin planning your Exchange Online deployment. Based on a few simple questions you get information on:

  • Single Sign On / ADFS / DirSync
  • How to route email through on-premise or directly to EOP
  • How to configure hybrid
  • Guidance for certificates, network security, bandwidth, unified messaging, mobile devices, client requirements, EOP, public folders, etc.
  • Required software
  • Required information to collect
  • Running the hybrid configuration wizard
  • Etc.

This tool really covers all the major activities and recommend that you use it.

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