Saturday, April 11, 2015

MDM for Office 365 Released

It was announced back in October 2014 that a new MDM for Office 365 solution was being released. I wrote this at the time -

The MDM for Office 365 capability has now going generally available. If you did not hear much about it, here are some quick points:

  • MDM for Office 365 is subset of Intune features that is now available to Office 365 customers.
  • MDM for Office 365 provides conditional access Office 365 email and documents. Apps such as Office Mobile, OneDrive and native email apps that use Exchange ActiveSync will trigger enforcement of policy.
  • MDM for Office 365 provides new device management policies for PIN requirements and jailbreak detection.
  • MDM for Office 365 provides enhanced remote wipe of Office 365 data without impacting end user personal data.
  • This new MDM solution provides support across iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Additionally, as part of MDM for Office 365 becoming generally available, there are some new TechNet articles that you should check out Overview built-in Mobile Device Management for Office 365 and the sub-articles within it - There are some great facts in here such as:

  • Information on how to enable MDM for Office 365 on your tenant.
  • Articles on how to perform common tasks such as creating policies, running reports, unblocking devices, how to perform a wipe, etc.
  • There is a listing of the exact devices that are supported.
  • Listing of mobile apps where MDM for Office 365 can be applied.
  • Note Blackberry is not controlled by this solution.
  • Note using a mobile browser to access is not controlled by this solution either. Organizations will rely on policies they enforce in general for browser based access to Office 365 services.
  • Detailed listings of all the types of settings and controls that can be enforced by type of device.
  • Note that MDM for Office 365 policies override Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) policies and device created in the Exchange admin center.
  • Note it is recommended to block Exchange ActiveSync to unsupported devices. There are steps provided to do this.

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