Monday, September 7, 2015

Outlook on the web

There was a major announcement for Office 365 Exchange Online customers this past week. Microsoft is changing Outlook Web App (OWA) to “Outlook on the web”. I have a couple ideas of why this was done from a marketing perspective. With this change to Outlook on the web, there was a release of whole bunch of new features and capabilities to come with it. Most notable:

  • A new Action Bar to allow you to perform actions across mail, calendar, contacts and tasks much easier.
  • The ability to Pin an email to the top of your mailbox. Man I love the idea of this feature and will use it a lot. See picture below…
  • Sweep which is a new capability to allow you to manage emails from specific senders.
  • New features to email to your archive folders easier.
  • Several new features around views and reading panes to give you more flexibility like in Outlook rich client.
  • New capabilities to for working with embedded images.
  • Plus the mobile experience web has been enhanced. I have actually had to use this every once and a while. If you are on a mobile device and you do not have a mobile app installed, this is the next best thing. Several new capabilities have been introduced.

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