Saturday, April 9, 2016

More Office 365 Activity Reports

Last month I blogged about several new activity reports being added to the Office 365 service -  Well, sever more activity reports have just been added.  These reports will continue additional insight into how the service is being used.
Some of the new reports are:
  • Activity Dashboard – New summary level dashboard that will show you how many people are using the Office 365 service.  You have the ability to drill down into that activity by workload or by the individual user.  This will really help your staff with troubleshooting issues, help with planning because you will know how the service is actually used by your end users, training investments because you will know what users are and are not using, etc.
  • Email Activity report – Have the ability to see email usage such as send, receive and read activity.
  • Office Activation report – Shows how has activated Office 365 ProPlus, activation by devices, etc.  Again I really see this as a great tool for helping you understand where Office is deployed across your organization.
  • SharePoint Site Usage report – This report provides storage details across all your SharePoint Online sites and how much is currently available.  This is again very helpful for planning.
  • OneDrive for Business Usage report – Again another storage report for personal storage.
  • Skype for Business Online report – Have access to such details as number of minutes spent in Skype meetings, etc.
  • Yammer report – This provides reports on common social activities that are occurring.
Couple important notes:
  • You do have the ability to export the data in CSV format.
  • Information displayed in here is security trimmed based on the Office 365 admin’s permission levels.
  • There is plans for a public API for the data that is used to drive these reports to allow customers and third-party solution providers to tap into this data.
  • There are plans to add some additional reporting for SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Office 365 Groups, EOP, etc.  There will be reports that will show interactivity down to the browser and operating system level.

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