Saturday, May 14, 2016

SharePoint 2016 GA Announcement

Here are some of my notes.  For the new SharePoint 2016 on-premises announcement.
  • Cloud Inspired Infrastructure – The learning experience from running SharePoint Online have been brought back into the SharePoint 2016 server that you install on-premises.  Microsoft has benefited from all the learning experiences of having to support SharePoint at hyper-scale in SharePoint Online.  Additionally, since there is a unified code base for SharePoint, APIs have been standardized which will assist with integration between SharePoint deployed on-premises and in SharePoint Online.  End of day, SharePoint 2016 is a major infrastructure investment.
  • SharePoint Server Releases – New Feature Pack Model which is going to allow organizations to deploy updates quicker on-premises.  No longer need to wait for major release like in 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016.  New feature releases will be available on a regular cadence for you to make available on-premises so it will be possible for you make features available very quickly to your end users.  There is an additional feature called Zero Downtime Patching which plays a part in this solution.
  • Streamline Deployment (MinRole) – There are new administrative management experiences that allows you to see all the servers in the topology and manage them.  Specifically there is the new MinRole which allows administrators to define roles in the server topology.  Using this approach to define your servers will simplify your deployment as you do not need to worry about configuring roles on each server, the configuration is built on SharePoint Online best practices which will reduce network latency and increase reliability, and you will leverage better predictable and prescriptive capacity planning guidance.
  • Increases in Boundaries and Limits – increase by two times, now support 5M items per search server application.  New improvements in list views (more than 5,000), site collections (10,000 per content database), content databases (supports TBs instead of 200 GB) and file size limits (now supports 10GB instead of 2GB), document libraries support 30M docs,
  • DLP – The new Data Loss Prevention solution initially made available in SharePoint Online is now available on-premises.
  • Enhanced User Experiences – New updates to document libraries have been made to make working with files super simple.  You start seeing the OneDrive user experience moved into SharePoint.
  • Modern Attachments – There is Exchange and SharePoint integration that allows files to be easily shared from Outlook.
  • Seamless integration with Office 365 – Specifically for features that are only delivered from SharePoint Online; providing a seamless experience to transition from on-premises to cloud.  For instance Delve, OneDrive for Business and Yammer can be accessed through the App Launcher.  The App Launcher is available in Office 365 and provides user with a consistent approach to access Office 365 applications when they are on SharePoint 2016.  So now it is easy to integrate with OneDrive for Business in the cloud.  Another interesting hybrid experience is the Office 365 Video service which uses Azure Media services.  You can integrate that cloud based application through the App Launcher to offer video service to end users.  Another hybrid experience that can be considered is around extranets.  Instead of hosting extranets in your environment, you can use SharePoint Online as the extranet because it does not reside in your organization’s managed boundary.
  • New SharePoint Home Page – This new page has ability to show sites the users works with both from on-premises and SharePoint Online.
  • Hybrid Search – SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016/2013/2010 can be configured to support a hybrid search experience.  This also empowers Delve and Office Graph to have access to SharePoint 2016/2013/2010 data located on-premises.  Plus you no longer have to worry about sizing and manage your search index because it is managed in Office 365.
    New SharePoint Mobile App – Will work with SharePoint on-premises as well as SharePoint Online.
  • Deprecated Features – There were some things deprecated with SharePoint Server 2016 on-premises: Duet, SharePoint Foundation, Standalone Install mode (use new MinRole), Excel Services (replaced by Office Online), SharePoint BI capabilities, Tags/Notes and Stsadm.exe (use PowerShell)

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