Sunday, November 20, 2016

Office 365 Third-Party Security App Management

There are several new features coming to Office 365 through Advanced Security Management (ASM), which is part of E5 which will give admin much more visibility and control of how Office 365 data is flowing out to third-party applications.

Productivity App Discovery
A new feature is being released to Advanced Security Management called Productivity App Discovery.  This solution will provide admins the ability to understand their organization’s usage of Office 365 and other productivity services.  This will help you understand how data from Office 365 or should be stored in Office 365 is being sent to outside applications that are not in your administrative control.

Apps Permission
Additionally, a new feature is being added that will allow Office 365 Admins to better monitor and approved third-party applications that are integrated with Office 365.  This again is part of Office 365 Advanced Security Management.

Users can connect a third-party application with Office 365.  When they do this, the user is provided information about what that integration means, however it may be common that the end user does not full ramifications in the security risk they may or may not be taking.

What App Permissions will do will provide the administrators the ability to review which third-party applications have access to Office 365 data.  Admins have the ability to approve or revoke access plus notify the users that access to the third-party application is revoked.

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