Sunday, October 18, 2020

Microsoft Teams Sept 2020

Ok folks, Teams is cranking out capabilities at a pace even I am having trouble keeping up with.  In September 2020, please review this.

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | September 2020

  • Offline Support in Desktop for limited network connectivity is an investment area.
  • Other optimizations around desktop launching, video rendering, battery life optimization, etc. are investment areas.
  • Up to 49 participants in large gallery view.


New capabilities on Microsoft Teams phones | September 2020

Several new capabilities that are tailored to how we work with Teams on a mobile device.  New home screens, customized views, quick access to apps, etc.

New inclusive features in Microsoft Teams and more | Ignite 2020 Edition

The big news is the release of Live caption and Transcript.

New capabilities for Teams Management | Ignite 2020

Just tons of things…

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