Monday, January 4, 2021

Microsoft Search and Exchange Online

This week, I had to go into Microsoft Outlook to find an old HR benefit email I had gotten some time ago.  This case, as Microsoft employee get a benefit of free Xbox Game Pass subscription.  I had some old emails on it, and wanted to find the link.  When I found the old emails, none of the links worked because there old.

Then all of a sudden a message came up saying, “Link from your organization”, here is the correct link.  I clicked it, it took me straight to the internal benefit site.  This was awesome and I was totally surprised I did not even know about this feature.

I then did some additional investigation.  I put in some other Microsoft corporate terms into Outlook search and got back tons of other result “Link from your organization” section which gave me links within the Microsoft intranet to webpages that had the information for me.

Well, there was a simple reason for this.  Many folks may not have seen this but Outlook and Office are now integrated with Microsoft Search.  This all started about a year ago.  Basically, whenever you put in a search in Outlook, there is a search in your email however additional resources available to you will be searched.  If you organization has set up Microsoft Search appropriately, you will get items in your mailbox plus items across the organization that you have access to. 


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