Monday, September 18, 2023

Multi-Tenant Organization (MTO) for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is now releasing a new group of features that fall under what is called Multi-Tenant Organization (MTO).  Over the past several years, Microsoft has received a significant amount of requests for supporting organizations that have multiple tenants.  Administrators need the ability to provide common configuration and management of users across these tenants, plus enable collaboration between users in these tenants.

Some important features that are part of this are:

  • Side-by-side multi-tasking and cross tenant notifications – This allows a user to be in multiple tenants within a single Teams client user experience. 
  • Improved people search and chat experience – Allows users to find their peers in other tenants and chat with them.
  • Richer meeting experience – Enables full fidelity meeting experience between users in different tenants.

Highly recommend reviewing the entire article.


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