Friday, March 29, 2024

Microsoft Copilot Dashboard

Microsoft Copilot Dashboard is now Generally Available (GA).  This dashboard is powered by Viva Insights and will help organizations have insights into how Microsoft Copilot is being leveraged, adopted and utilized by their users.  Here is a quick break down:

  • Readiness: tells you where you have Copilot activated, and will see how many people have access to Copilot capabilities.
  • Adoption: tells you which apps people are leveraging Copilot.
  • Impact: tells you how many assisted hours Copilot provides to users.  You will have visibility to the assist actions, and see performance differences between users who leverage Copilot and those who do not.  Additionally, feedback information provided by users about Copilot is available by the experience you are reviewing.

Any organization serious about driving adoption of Copilot can leverage this information to understand how they train the users and evangelize Copilot capabilities.

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