Monday, October 25, 2010

Cannot Save or Publish File to SharePoint

Just a little tip, if you have built a brand new Server 2008 environment for you to do your local SharePoint development on, make sure you turn on the Desktop Experience Features. The problem I was having is I was trying to publish some Excel 2010 spreadsheets I had create to Excel Services and I could not save directly to the SharePoint 2010 library. I was getting a message that said:

Path does not exist. Check Path and try again.

Once I turned on this feature and rebooted the VM, I could then save to SharePoint from Office.


tintin said...

Hi there,
Can you give me solution for this problem.
Today, I can't see anymore.
Thanks so much.

Jason Apergis said...

The solution is to turn on the Desktop Feature Experience feature on the Server 2008 machine.