Sunday, October 10, 2010

Set Up Record and Non Record Retention Policy in Managed Metadata Hub


I working through Records Center for SharePoint 2010 and I found something interesting. I had:

  • Created a hub from where I wanted to publish out my content types to other site collections.
  • I was able to centrally create term sets and terms and then use managed metadata columns on my content types that will be pushed out. I was able to add policies to my content type and re-publish with no problem.
  • I created a records center with folders and rules which I was able to send documents to from any of my site collections.
  • I was able to turn on In Place Records management for different site collections and re-use my central content types with them.

One little thing I ran into was there is a new feature of Records Management for SharePoint 2010 that allows me to create retention policies for when a piece of content is a record versus a non-record. This is really powerful because it allows you to create rules such as:

  • After a piece of content has not been updated for 1 year, delete the document.
  • However if the same piece of content is a record, and has not been modified for a year (i.e. because it has been locked down) move it to the Record Center.

This may not be the most realistic scenario however you get the point that I can create different policies and treat it differently based whether it is a record or not.


Now the issue was, when I went to the content type definition on my Hub, I was not seeing the ability to create policies as I just described. However I was able to create local site collections content types in some places and see this.


The solution is on the Hub, go to Site Settings >> Site Collection Features >> Activate In Place Records Management. Even though I may not be doing In Place Records Management on the site collection where I am centrally managing content types, I must turn this on so I can create the retention policies like I just described.


Harlequin said...

Hey Jason.
Nice post about some of the new RM functionality within SharePoint 2010.
I have a keen interest in this area so if you have any questions or would like to collaborate on something then feel free to contact me.


Jason Apergis said...

Thanks for the feedback.

The same thing will also occur for Document Sets. You have to make sure the Feature is on in both the Hub and the subscribing Site Collection, otherwise the content type definition will not be sync'ed up.


Subeesh Narayanan said...

Excellent point

I hope you can help me in resolving the issue im havin

We are planning to use contnet type hub to maintain single set of content type in our enterprise. In such scenario how can we setup hybrid records management. For example retain document for first year ; declare it as in place after first year; after retaining it with active documents for another year, move records to a records archive.

The issue with content type hub approach is same set of information management policies will be running on documents and records causing the recurring creation of records when it moved to record center.

Jason Apergis said...


I am going from memory at the moment but I believe you will have undeclare the document to even move from an in place record to the Records Center. I would have to test that out because that is not a very common requirement. Usually you will do either or; not both.

I believe the records manager will say there should only ever be one record so you may want to re-evaluate the approach.