Monday, July 1, 2013

Exchange Online Protection (EOP) Excel Reports

Many of you may know that when the new Exchange Online (Exchange 2013) in Office 365 that Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) was changed to Exchange Online Protection (EOP). There were several new capabilities released along with unifying the administration of EOP directly into the Exchange Admin Center. I will go into some of these details in some other blogs, however I really wanted to write about this new capability that not so many people know about.

With EOP you now have the ability to run reports in the EAC but you can run reports out of Excel 2013. Go here to download the report (

Using Excel 2013 allows you to pivot and drill down into the data more that is being capture in EOP.

Here is some additional information about the reporting capability is here -

This new Excel 2013 report is actually just connecting to the new Web Services that are available from EOP. Here is a reference about these new Web Services - What this will allow you to do is write your own solutions to pull this data and do reporting.

I have had people ask me how long the data available? That is actually captured here - As of this writing it is saying that “Report summary and detail data may not be available for 12 hours. Report summary data is available for 60 days. Report detail data is available for 7 days.” So if someone wants to keep the data longer you do have the ability to use the Web Services to pull that data down and save it to a database, etc.

Here is a quick little drive through the set up and download of this reporting tool.

First go here ( and download the tool. Then a wizard kicks off.


Accept the agreement.


Companies do have the ability to just purchase EOP because they are hosting Exchange on-premise. Just make sure you select the right option for you.


Quick check to make sure you have the required software. Excel 2013 and .NET 4.5


Then we are done.


It is installed a nice short-cut onto my desktop (yes I am on Windows 8 and I keep my desktop clean <g>).


When I open it the first time, I am prompted to verify.


Next the spreadsheet is open but you will see it is blank. All you need to do is press the Query or Refresh button to get connected.


You will be prompted to enter your credentials. If you do not have the proper roles assigned in Exchange Online you will not be able to connect.


I was then asked what is the slide of the data that I want query.


Then an OData connection to the Web Service was made from Excel 2013.


If finished refreshing the data.


Now some data is appearing in Excel 2013. You can use the slicers to cut through the data. As you can see there are detailed views on the Traffic, Spam, Malware, and DLP that you have access. This is quick little tenant that I created so I do not have a very large set of data to show you here.

This is really cool because it allows you have access to the data and allows you to create your own reports.


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