Friday, July 19, 2013

Lync Online July Updates

July Lync Updates

This July 2013, there have been some new releases leases to both the Lync Client and Lync Mobile Clients which are really exciting. These features will be made to Lync Online and Office 365.

These feature updates are truly awesome. They are just further enable to people to communicate better virtually and have more rich web meetings, regardless of the device. It is a true differentiator and shows Microsoft’s commitment to providing an evergreen service to its Office 365 customers.

Some of these features will knock your socks off if you really use Lync a lot.

Embedded Images

The updated Lync client is now supported embedded images. This is super cool. Why? I am a heavy user of Lync. All the time I am IMing with people and I want to show them something really really really quickly. Even those is it really easy for me to share my screen or an application, now I can share an image right into the IM conversation. So quick screenshot, drop it in, and keep on IMing. Love it.


Meetings View

Again something really cool, I do not need to be in outlook to see my web meetings. I can see all my Exchange Online calendar in Lync and then just join the meetings from there. This just shows me how the Office 365 user experience is continuing unifying the user experiences.


IM Mute

Yes. Very cool. I have actually been busted in meetings doing too much IM. Plus I have been leading meetings where people are IMing too much and IM is actually becoming a distraction to a formal web meeting. Now presenters can just block IMing during a meeting.


Question and Answer Manager

Again very awesome. I have run meetings so many times where I want to have formal way to allow people to ask questions and ensure that the person I am responding to knows it is for them. It is can be hard to answer IM questions from 20 people in a meeting. Using the Q&A manager provides a really good capability to run web meetings. This could even be used in concert with the IM Mute feature I discussed above.


Lync Mobile >> Transition to Lync Meeting

Now with Windows Phone, iPhone, or iPad it is really easy to bring others into your conversation and then just hit the call button and start talking. To me, that is a big deal for mobile because typically will not IM as long on a mobile device as I do on a laptop.


Lync Mobile >> Transition to Lync Meeting

Ability to see meeting content view when on Windows Phone and iPhone. That is AWESOME! I no longer have to say, I cannot see the slides, shared application or share desktop because I am mobile. My mobile device can allow me to participate in the meeting.


Lync Mobile >> Meeting Participation

Yes some of those other new capabilities will be consistent to the connecting mobile devices. For instance you have the ability to see your Exchange Online calendar from the Lync App to make it easy to join meetings. Additionally users attending meetings from their Lync mobile app can have their IM muted and participate in Question / Answer discussions.


Like I said, Microsoft is going full steam. The features and capabilities being released are aligned to what people want and it is continuing to improve how people communicate.

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