Saturday, December 14, 2013

Office Remote from Windows Phone

If you have a Windows phone and you do a lot of presentations there is this new cool app called Office Remote. It allows you to control remotely from your phone PowerPoint, Word and Excel on a computer you are presenting from. You can jump around to any slide while avoiding having to press the back or forwards button tons of times. You even have a cool laser pointer that you can click on your phone. You can see all your speaker notes too.

I have even been using my OneNote App on my phone, which is connected to my corporate SkyDrive Pro, and take notes right there standing in the room. This makes me HIGHLY productive.

This app is literally changing the way I am presenting to customers. I have to do a lot of two day deep dives on Office 365 customers discussing everything about the cloud.

Love it.

Give it a try.


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