Saturday, November 8, 2014

OneDrive for Business Unlimited Storage

There are a bunch of new announcements that have been made for Office 365 of the past several days. Probably the most significant announcement is that OneDrive for Business will changing its offering to allow end users to have unlimited storage. This change will not have available until CY 2015. As of right now, OneDrive for Business users do have 1TB of storage available per user.

I feel this change is significant:

  • It is aligned to rate that data is being created.
  • Gives organizations the ability to save significant amount of money by getting rid of all those old files shares.
  • Organizations have the ability to keep all their corporate data in a single location and have all data managed through compliance policy across devices. Office 365 provides compliance solutions such as DLP, legal hold, retention, archiving, eDiscovery, etc.

No other cloud productivity platform can provide this combination solutions.

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