Sunday, February 15, 2015

Office 365 Workload Specific Administration

I have to say, I am super excited about a new capability that is going to be released into Office 365 Administration. On the Office 365 public roadmap blog (, it was announced that a new capability called “Workload-specific admin roles” is being released.

For organizations that have been on Office 365 for a long time, they will truly be excited when this new feature has been released? The challenge has been as organizations have transitioned to the cloud, typically people such as the Exchange, SharePoint and Lync administrators have been completely separate people. The challenge has been when in Office 365, for those administrators to do activities they used to do, they would need global admin rights into the Office 365 admin console. This would give them rights to much more admin rights than they typically have had access to. There are ways to mitigate some things, however it was not a good.

With this upcoming release, admins can be broken out to the service they have responsibility for. Thus the SharePoint admin will only have access to SharePoint admin.


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