Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Outlook Apps for iOS and Android

There was a big announcement recent announcement that there are new apps released called Outlook for iOS and Outlook for Android. This provides an Outlook App for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android Tablet. This new app will be provide enhanced experiences for working with email on mobile dives with focused scenarios to make you efficient with the types of email activities you do on a phone. Outlook Mobile will provide added features that are not traditionally available native mobile email apps. I recommend you read the blog about these types of scenarios because it will allow you triage emails really easily, do advanced calendar management, working with attachments, etc.

These new apps replaces the OWA for iPhone/iPad/Android apps.

Note it was publically announced, but not in this blog, that Windows Phone 10 will be getting a similar app.

Here is the announcements -

Additionally there was an even more recent announcement for more features being added located here - This is a good read as it discussed:
  • Expanded support for PIN lock – discusses that policy is enforced through Exchange ActiveSync and considerations for that policy.
  • Improvement with remote wipe of data – the nice thing about this is the wipe on wipes data in the Outlook App, it does not impact user personal data if BYOD is part of the enterprise strategy.
  • Along with several other new user experiences that have been added.
  • Additionally there is discussion around Microsoft Intune scenarios are being added.

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