Friday, December 21, 2018

Terms of Use with Office 365

There is a new capability in AAD that is available Terms of Use which a lot of Office 365 customers may want to utilize.

An organization will want users to accept a Terms of Use agreement to access their environment.  The Terms of Use solution can:
  • Required all users accept a terms of use agreement to access Office 365 services.
  • There is a new feature that can be used for B2B scenarios for such services SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams.  If you invite in an external user that is on AAD, that external user will be required to agree to a Terms of Use.
This is awesome because I find tons of customers who want this type of capability.  Here are some other features that are part of this.
  • Can require users sign it once or every time they access.
  • Can associate a Terms of Use document that is organization specific for users to review.
  • Require users to expand and scroll through entire terms of use before accepting.
  • Can expire the Terms of Use agreement after a specific amount of days or associated a frequency for when they must accept the Terms of use.
  • Can enforce Conditional Access policies against the Terms of Use policy.
  • Access to reports of who accepted and declined a Terms of Use.
  • Works for browsers and mobile device scenarios.
Here are some detailed articles about this capability.

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